Self Esteem

Everybody seeks to be appreciated, to feel loved and cared for but the first step is to Image

embrace yourself, do a self appraisal from time to time and commend yourself when you do something worth praising. Realistic pep-talk to self can help affirm your self-worth. It is important that you create positive self talk which allows you to focus on the positives that exist today as it relates to you. Once you value yourself, you will able to recognize those that will treat you with respect and cut out from your life those that do not know your worth.

It is therefore imperative that the process of self-concept inventory and analyzing your multiple attributes; your physical appearance, how you relate with others and their views about you, your performance when handling your daily tasks, your mental functioning and personality, these can guide you in the process of self-concept inventory. When you understand yourself and decide to focus on the positives, then you can work on minimizing your weakness and overcoming them altogether.

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