CINCHON Call Center Training

Cinchon Trainers specialize in following training:

Online Call Center Training

  •     CRM
  •     Customer Handling Training
  •     Inbound and out bound training.
  •     Tele Sales tricks and tips.
  •     Speaking and Writing skills
  •     Presentation skills
  •     Interview Skills
  •     Confidence boost

Training By Professional and Qualified & Job Guaranteed!

Online Computer Training

  • Microsoft word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Power Point
  • Internet

Online English  Training

  • Spoken English
  • Written English
  • Grammar
  • Vocab building
  • Business Writing English
  • Proposal Writing

Online Marketing Training

  • Marketing Concepts
  • Brand building
  • Branding yourself
  • Selling Concepts
  • Product development

Online Business Communication Training

  • Business communication models
  • Barriers to Effective Business Communication and Ways to Overcome Them
  • The Relationship Between Communication Ability and Success in Business
  • How to Have an Effective Conference or Meeting

Online Business Management Training

  • Self Management skills
  • General Management skills
  • Department Management Training
  • Field Management Training

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