Types of Content Writing

Ghost Writing:

An SEO content writer writes an SEO article or basic article and turns over all rights to it to his clients. The result is that the client can post this article under his name or modify it in any way he wants. SEO article marketing is a concept that depends on ghost writing heavily.

Web Content Writing:

This type of content writing is aimed at creating content that becomes a crucial part of the web pages in question. A good example of this type of content writing would be the ‘About Us’ pages that most websites possess.

Technical Writing:

Technical content writing, as the name suggests, is usually used in the technical sectors. This type of content writing aims at simplifying highly technical concepts and products into terms that the common man may be able to understand. There are also some situations where technical content is aimed directly at a technical target audience.

Academic Content Writing:

Academic content writing is all about research and in depth analysis of a subject. This type of content writing is often also called report writing, even though this term encompasses more variants. Academic content writing can include content in the form of essays, presentations and analyses.

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